This is your guide on how to become a cricketer in India. This will help you know the criteria for cricket selection. The journey of playing cricket at an international level is difficult. There is a lot of love, craze and passion for cricket in India. This obsession with cricket in India makes a lot of Indians play cricket as well. In India, people of all ages love to play cricket, especially kids and youngsters. Thus, almost every youngster aspires to become a cricketer in India. 

    There is a lot of difference between watching and playing cricket, and playing it casually and playing it officially. Many people often assume that playing cricket and pursuing a career in it is easy. However, the growing competition for cricket among the youth says the exact opposite. With time, this competition will increase further among the youth. 

    Hence, this guide will help you to become a cricketer in India. India’s cricket team selection needs a lot of patience, hard work, focus and dedication. A player should thoroughly practice cricket every day for at least five to six hours. For anyone looking to make their career in cricket, it is important to know about the basic rules of cricket. Players who start playing cricket from an early age can quickly become successful in cricket. 

    Necessary Factors for Becoming a Cricketer in India

    There are some necessary factors which can guide you to become a cricketer in India. The selection for the Indian cricket team is difficult and players face a lot of challenges. The BCCI has also set specific criteria for selecting players for the Indian Cricket team. Moreover, people need to be passionate about playing cricket. They need to put all their effort into the sport. Thus, only then is it possible to make a career in India’s National Cricket team. Thus, the step-by-step guide to becoming a cricketer in India is as follows:

    • Starting Early:
    1. In cricket, the age of the player is one of the most important factors. It helps to know if the player is fit to play in the Indian national cricket team. People should start training from a young age, especially since their childhood. They have greater chances to play for the Indian cricket team. A young child can start playing cricket at school or join a cricket academy, which further polishes their skills. 
    2. At a young age, you have a lot of time to prepare yourself. However, an older player is unlikely to have played cricket at such a young age. Older players also don’t have enough time to develop or polish any new skills. There is no specific or official age to start playing cricket in India. However, the recommended age to start playing cricket is around 11 or 12 years old. However, you can start playing cricket at any age if you have the required skills and passion. 
    • Joining a Cricket Academy:

    To play cricket properly, it is important to take proper training in cricket by professionals. Thus, joining a cricket academy can provide you with proper training in cricket by expert professionals. Cricket academies are open to train cricket for all age groups. There are many benefits of training at a cricket academy. Cricket academies train players according to the precise playing styles, forms and movements. Plus, cricket academies can also train players to play professionally in stadiums. 

    • Regular Practice:
    1. There is an old saying that practice makes the man perfect. Therefore, the guide to become a cricketer in India begins with doing regular practice. Cricket also requires rigorous training and a lot of practice to master the sport. Cricket requires players to practice for at least five to six hours every day. Moreover, it is also necessary for batsmen and bowlers to practice their batting style and bowling styles respectively. 
    2. For players who wish to become all-rounders, they need to work hard twice the batsman or the bowler. Another major factor is that players should practice cricket with interest and passion, and not as a burden. If you practice something with love and passion, it can be fruitful. However, if you practice something as a chore or a burden, it can’t be fruitful. 
    • Attend Trials:
    1. Trials are dummy tournaments which follow all the rules and statistics of cricket. Trials organize matches according to the requirements of international cricket. Attending trials is the most beneficial for the players who want to play for the Indian cricket team. Many aspiring players can join cricket in school at an early age and then continue playing cricket till college. It is important to give your best to become a professional cricketer in India. 
    2. Attending trails can help you play at many divisions, as each division has many districts. Players can play in many inter-district tournaments at the district level. Players who perform well in these tournaments can reach the division level. At the division level, players can play many inter-division tournaments. Likewise, players from the division level can move to the domestic level which leads to international competition. The BCCI can then select you from domestic cricket and make you an official member of the Indian cricket team. 
    • Maintaining Physical Health:

    Maintaining good physical health also holds a major role in the guide to become a good cricketer in India for delivering a better performance. Moreover, playing cricket also helps improve your health further. Players should have a basic level of fitness for running, batting or bowling. If you don’t have a basic level of fitness, then you are not fit to play cricket officially. Thus, some ways to improve your physical health are doing yoga, running, jogging, cycling, or just simple walking. We can also maintain our physical health by following a healthy and balanced diet. Thus, good physical health can improve your chances of officially playing cricket at an international level. 


    Thus, following this complete guide can help you become a cricketer in India. It can help you gain knowledge about cricket selection. Cricket demands both mental and physical struggles of a player. Cricket is among the most popular sports games which requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice to make it to the top level. With the growing craze and popularity of cricket in India, the competition of cricket is also increasing. Thus, it is important for anyone aspiring to be a cricketer to give their 100% to this game. In India, the youth has a strong obsession with cricket. Thus, the youth can use their energy and stamina to build their career in cricket. Our country’s youth have the potential to play for the Indian cricket team and represent their country. Thus, it can help our country shine and progress further in the game sport of cricket. 

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