Get a chance to earn more money at the Thampi Platform by inviting your friends to join casino games online. We offer different exciting casino games with the opportunity to win attractive rewards. Users get a 10% welcome bonus after joining and get the opportunity to earn more bonuses by referring their friends to join our platform. 

    Thampi Book offers a real casino experience on your mobiles and laptops with the comfort of sitting at home. Users can confidently place bets on our secure and reliable online betting platform. Our primary focus is customer service; users can quickly perform transactions and betting without technical issues.

    Hence, register on our platform and invite your friends to play online casino games by sharing your referral code.

    What is a Referral Bonus?

    A referral bonus means you get a commission as a bonus when a user creates an account on Thampi Book with your referral code. However, you must understand the terms and conditions for using the bonus amount. You can place more bets on different casino games with the bonus amount.   

    How can you refer your friend to Join Casino Games Online?

    Invite your friends to Join the Casino Game Online by sharing the reference link. Let’s understand the referral process:

    • Visit the Thampi Book website and sign in to your betting account. Further, visit your user dashboard, where you will get the referral Code. Copy the code and share it with your friend on WhatsApp. 
    • Friends must open that link to start the signup process. Further, they must set up their betting account by registering on Thampi Book and getting their unique online betting ID.
    • Your friend must place a bet within seven days after registration to become eligible for a referral bonus. 
    • After verifying your practices with eligibility criteria, we will transfer the bonus to your betting account. 

    Join Casino Games Online

    Thampi Platform works with dedication to provide different interesting casino games. So, users can explore the games according to their interests and win exciting rewards. Join us to explore the following casino games:

    • Poker
    • Bingo 
    • Teen Patti
    • Game of slots
    • Roulette
    • Live dealer Games
    • BlackJack and many more.

    Invite friends and enjoy rewards

    When you refer anyone to join Thampi Book to enjoy different Casino games. You will also get several benefits for your referring efforts:

    • We will give you an attractive referral bonus, and your friends will also get a welcome bonus. 
    • You can maintain your betting flow using the bonus amount. We offer bonuses in different situations, such as referring to a friend, a loyalty bonus, or more. 
    • We offer the opportunity to earn more bonus by inviting more friends. You can also earn money through other bonuses such as loyalty bonuses, first deposit bonuses, and many more.  
    • You will also get promotions and free betting as rewards that will enhance your betting experience. 

    Benefits of Betting on Thampi Book

    Thampi Book is the most trustable betting platform with a user-friendly interface. So, you can enjoy several benefits as our current users:

    • Users get 24/7 support from our expert team and enjoy a smooth betting environment. You can freely contact our team regarding any issue. 
    • Our platform comes at top in terms of transactions and data security. We upgrade the platform’s functionality to maintain the users’ data security. 
    • Explore various sports betting games such as cricket, Football, hockey and others with your Thampi Book Cricket ID.
    • Get your online cricket ID or casino betting instantly from Thampi Book platform to begin your betting journey.
    • You can quickly navigate different features because of the efficient structure of our website.
    • We offer several betting options, such as betting on live-streaming matches and upcoming matches. So, Join us and become a valuable member to enjoy our premium betting services. 

    Follow the tips to Join Casino Games online

    We know every user visits our platform with a desire to win big rewards. Therefore, we are sharing some tips that will increase your chances to win:

    • Create a Plan:

    Create a plan by deciding how much you will spend on a bet and the basic techniques to win the game. Pre-planning always results in a positive way, and you can win big amounts. 

    • Look for a smaller Jackpot:

    If you are a beginner in the casino world, you need to start with small jackpots. It may help you understand the concept of casino games and how to bet on them. So, you can quickly shift to other games after becoming familiar with the platform.

    • Make smaller Bets:

    We know that big risks can result in big profits, but you have to be careful. So, start with smaller bets to maintain the betting funds. If you can win with a small amount, increase your betting budget after understanding the betting techniques.  

    • Short Odds:

    Always analyze competitors’ odds to determine whether long or short odds will be beneficial. Odds play an essential role in our victory, so start with small odds and change the odds to beat your competitor. 


    Thampi Book offers a superb user interface that gives you a real-time betting experience on the virtual casino. Share your casino experience with your friend to enjoy the chance of winning bonuses. Invite your friend to join Casino Game Online and get a reward and bonus. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity and join us today to experience the best casino betting journey. 

    However, Thampi Book follows the legalities of the government and strictly promotes responsible betting. We strongly urge people below the age of 18 not to be involved in betting activities.

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