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    Get your Fairplay ID today to enjoy our endless online betting options which can give a thrilling and fun betting experience to users. Thampi Book provides everything that satisfies user’s betting needs to make real money. You can join us with a simple registration process to get Fairplay Online Betting ID in just seconds.

    Our team of experts has created a user-friendly atmosphere that users can quickly understand the platforms’ functioning. Therefore worldwide bettors choose as a best betting platform and betting ID provider. We constantly update our platform to add new features that can make the betting journey more comfortable. Hence, register now to get Fairplay ID in seconds with an attractive welcome bonus.

    Advantages at Thampi Book:

    Thampi Book offers best betting functionality to earn money through live sports and casino games. We are making an effort to offer the exact betting experience that bettors want. Advantages that users enjoy by joining us are as follows:

    • 24/7 Assistance available:

    Betting functions become more smooth with assistance from our expert team. From registration to betting, they support you at every point. You can consult them through various channels such as phone and Whatsapp. Team guide users to understand the terms and conditions of the platform. 

    • Bonuses for Beginners and Existing users:

    We offer attractive bonuses to both beginners and existing users to enhance the user experience. Therefore, it’s a big opportunity for you to join us to avail this benefit. It makes the users familiar and creates a feeling that they are using the right platform. 

    • Competitive Odds:

    Thampi Book offers competitive odds that increase your winning possibility in bets. You can make the betting journey thrilling and profitable with high payouts. Therefore, join our platform to become eligible for this beneficial advantage. 

    • Safe Atmosphere: 

    Fairplay Online Betting ID allows you to access different fantasy sports and casino games with surety of a secure atmosphere. Thampi Book is a reputed betting platform with several security protocols. It enhances users’ trust and confidence in their betting tour with us. 

    • Quick Deposit and Withdrawal:

    Users can make transactions without any delay because of the instant process. We perform security audits to keep your money and financial information secure. You can track your transaction history from your betting account. 

    • Convenient Transaction Options:

    Different transaction options are available on Thampi Book with a security system. You can use UPI, Net banking and Debit card to deposit and withdraw amounts from betting accounts. All payment options are secure with OTP verification and end-to-end encryption.

    Register on Thampi Book to get Fairplay ID:

    Registration process to get access to explore sports and games on Thampi Book is very simple. You have to create a betting account to create a source of income. We are sharing the simple process to join us: 

    • Visit the “Thampi Book” platform from any devices such as mobile or laptop. 
    • Find the option “Get your Fairplay ID” and click on it to redirect on our whatsapp. 
    • Our expert team will guide you the process through whatsapp and ask you for details such as your name, contact number and email address. 
    • Share the information through whatsapp to complete the first stage of registration. 
    • We will share an OTP on your contact number to verify that your number is correct. Share the OTP with our team through whatsapp message to get clearance from our team to proceed for account creation.
    • In account creation, you need to fill up details and create a unique username as well as password. Most importantly, you have to create a unique username from the existing users and a strong password to keep your betting account secure. 
    • Click on confirm and get your betting ID after our verification will complete. 
    • Transfer some funds to your betting account and maintain the minimum balance to place bets without interruption. 

    Requirements to Join Us:

    You need to fulfill some basic requirements to be a part of Thampi Book:

    • As we provide responsible betting, you must have age of 18 or above to register on our platform. 
    • You have to register with a 10-digit contact number for account verification. 
    • We need your valid email address for sending matches or other updates. 
    • Personal details such as name, date of birth and more are also required and must be accurate. 

    Log in procedure with Fairplay ID:

    You can easily access our platform’s dashboard to navigate sports or games for betting. As it is, the login process is also very simple with your betting ID and password:

    • Find the logIn option at the home page of the Thampi Book website. 
    • Click on the option to open the logIn section and enter your betting ID and password. Click on confirm option and you’ll divert toward your website’s dashboard. 
    • Here you can choose games for betting and tract transactions, betting history and more. Our platform is accessible by beginners as well as seasoned bettors.

    Place Bets on Exciting Sports and casino games

    We provide a simple betting process for users to enjoy betting in a convenient way. Users can place bets and win exciting rewards with a few clicks. You need to follow below steps for betting:

    • Vist the Thampi Book platform and logIn with your Fairplay Online Betting ID and password.
    • Choose the game or sport in which you have interest and want to bet. Click on it to review the live or upcoming matches list and select one match for bet.
    • When you choose a match, you will get options of various outcomes i.e. odds. Select the perfect odds that you think results in your favor. 
    • Enter the amount and click on confirm to place your bet.

    Deposit and Withdrawal Process at Thampi Book:

    Users make transactions everyday because of the 24 hours withdrawal and deposit option. Follow the below steps to deposit money to your betting account:

    • Share a message to the whatsapp team that you want to deposit money to your betting account. 
    • Our team will revert you instantly and share you the payment details. You can make a transaction and deposit the amount to the account numbers that will be mentioned in payment details.
    • Click and share the payment screenshot to our team for verification. The amount will reflect to your betting wallet within 10 minutes. 

    Now , here is the process to withdraw your winning amount:

    • As above, you need to message our whatsapp team to initiate the withdrawal process.
    • Our team will verify your details to maintain a secure transaction system. Also, we have to recheck the details to ensure the amount will transfer to the right account.
    • We will transfer the withdrawal amount to your registered bank account shortly after verification completes.

    Thampi Book: Advanced Online Betting Platform 

    Thampi Book has been a premier betting platform for betting lovers for 8+ years. We have a wide gaming list that includes Cricket, Football, Tennis and over 150+ live casino games. Users get advantage to bet on live sports tournaments with betting ID such as IPL, PSL, and International matches. Casino lovers get access to enjoy Teen Patti, Roulette, Ander Bahar, Lucky7 and more. 

    We are a secure betting platform and popular as an instant Online cricket ID provider. Users prefer us because of different betting options and smooth experience. Our platform design is accessible and has a familiar interface. Users get a manageable betting account; therefore it’s an easy game for them to monitor their accounts’ activities. Therefore, we are different from other betting platform because of security protocols and user-friendly website layout. 

    Bonuses We Offer on Fairplay ID

    We offer bonuses with a purpose to add more fun and excitement in users’ betting journey. Fairplay ID allows you to become eligible to get bonuses from Thampi Book. You can enjoy the following bonuses after registration: 

    • We greet new users at our platform with a 10% welcome bonus to start their first bet on their favorite game or sport. 
    • You can share your betting experience on our platform with your friends and refer them to join us. We will provide you a 15% referral bonus and transfer the bonus amount in your betting account. 
    • When you deposit some amount to the betting account for the first time, you become eligible to get a 10 % first deposit bonus. 
    • We respect the loyalty of users for long-term relations with our platform. Users get cash rewards as they follow platforms’ rules and regulations properly. 
    • We also have some special bonus for you when you cross the maximum winning amount limit. You will get free wheel spins as an opportunity to earn more rewards. 

    Wide range of Sports and Games:

    Sports betting on national and international tournaments is the best opportunity to earn big cash amounts. We offer different betting options; therefore, users can bet on live and upcoming sports matches. In addition, Choose the best odds and track matches’ statistics to make a relevant prediction. You can bet on the following sports:


    Cricket involves two teams with eleven players in each team playing with bat and ball. A team can win the match if they score more than the other team. 


    There are two goalposts for two teams, with eleven players in each team. However, it’s a game for 90 minutes in which one team tries to kick the ball to gain a goal from the other team’s goalposts. 


    It involves two opponents playing with rackets to hit and bounce the ball over the net of the tennis court. One player gets points if the other player fails to hit the ball. 


    Basketball is a popular sport, and there are two teams with five active players in one team. One team gains points if they put the ball in the other team’s net. 


    Users also get betting options on other sports, such as horse racing, golf, and more.

    Thampi Book offers advanced and user-friendly virtual casinos that give users earning options with gaming skills. You will find the following games in the casino section:


    Our online casino offers popular slots with superb graphics that enhance your gaming experience.  

    -Live Roulette:

    Roulette is a popular classic game in which you bet on a number; after that, a ball will be thrown on a wheel of numbers. You can win the bet if the ball stops at your chosen number. 


    BlackJack is a most popular card game in which each player tries to collect 21 blackjack cards or less to gain points from each card to win the bet.


    Poker is the best game in our collection; players need to create the best combination of cards on the table to win the bet. 

    Suggestions to create secure Credentials for the Betting Account:

    Betting accounts need secure credentials to avoid unauthorized access and enhance their security. Therefore, following are some suggestions that will guide you on how to generate secure credentials:

    -Create a unique combination of the uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers to create a strong password. However, a strong password can defend your betting account from hacking issues.

    -Always use two-factor authentication to add security layers to your betting account. If anyone gets your password, they still need to clear other security levels to access your betting account. 

    -Carefully log in to your betting account on other people’s devices and networks. Always remember to log out your account if using other people’s devices.

    -Remember, Thampi Book never asks you to share your password; therefore, beware of these fraudulent messages, and never click on any strange links.  

    Join Us Now

    Thampi Book works with dedication and transparency because of its reliable betting platform as well as its Online betting ID provider. Cricket lovers get instant online cricket IDs to bet on their favorite players. We offer responsible betting; therefore users above 18 can quickly sign up on our platform. Thus, register now to explore the advanced betting opportunity with Fairplay ID.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. Who is eligible for Fairplay ID?

    You must be 18 or above to register on Thampi Book to get a betting ID. 

    Q. Can I get the Welcome bonus after registration?

    Yes, Thampi Book offers a 10% welcome bonus and transfers the amount to your betting account. 

    Q. How much time does the betting platform take in the withdrawal process?

    We offer a simple withdrawal process through which users get their winning amount in their bank account within 10 minutes to confirm the details of the transaction. 

    Q. What is the primary strategy that can help to win the bet with Fairplay ID?

    The most important strategy to win the bet is to analyze the match statistics and choose the best odds. However, these practices increase your decision-making skills and provide you with winning opportunities. 

    Q. How does the Thampi Book keep users’ information secure?

    Thampi Book protects the users’ data with security layers and updates them to maintain a secure atmosphere. Furthermore, We offer security options to users, such as 2-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.